HSE Department

In our company we are responsible for the safety of ourselves and our colleagues

   By such a mentality and attitude HSE DEPARTMENT aiming to keep the company in safe and has tried to align its actions and plans with the principle of Occupational Health. Besides providing all required Equipments of safety, we believe it’s hard to implement such plan as long as we convince our staff to respect safety rules and regulations. From our perspective Prevention is better than cure which should be considered as a basic principle in all departments.


Occupational Health:

Occupational health is a knowledge dealing with recognizing, evaluating and controlling the harmful factors within a workplace, trying to avoid and prevent illness and injure which come from workplace harmful factors such as physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic factors. Controlling the so called factors which have a direct impact on labors’ health, will reduce job-related after-effect and consequence. Occupational health is one human’s valuable properties which is considered as an important strategy that not only take care of staff’s health but also lead to job efficiency, product quality, motivation and job satisfaction in a remarkable and positive manner.

In our company labor force is considered as the most valuable properties achieving goals, promoting the level of health by providing a safe workplace which is our main concern. By these considerations the HSE department of Aria Rang has utilized the instructions, reliable regulations all issued by ministry of Health and Medical Education and also cooperating with other companies in order to create a health and safe working-place.


    Nowadays safety management play a key-role in achievement of efficiency therefore for Aria Rang Derakhshan safety has a great priority and it’s in center of attention. For this purpose, the short and long- term plans have been applied for. It is believed that sticking to the safety rules will result in cost saving while companies which are much away from safety, they are imposed to great amount of costs. All managers and companies believe that safety and health highly require an active management system; since implementing safety principles cannot be achieved through obligatory rules or through some small majority of people. For the sake of this goal, we have paid special attention to the international standards such as ISO OHASA 18001. Beside this, in the structure of safety management system the main goal is evaluation of safety activities in occupations.  Such evaluations are obtained through monitoring and observing the performance and correcting of noncompliance and finally the report should be presented to Top Management. With all above considerations, it’s expected to be able to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere to all staff.


From our perspective environment is one the greatest properties of life which requires constant protection. By relying on sustainable development and respecting the rights of next generation, we have done our best to recognize and control the source of contamination and prevent possible harmful factors. It’s worth to note that the implementation of ISO 14001 System, having commitment toward necessary standards in the field of environment and developing an enjoyable green space in factory, has led us to be nominated for a national reward called “Green Nominated Industry” initiated by Department of Environment.