Our test laboratory is accredited quality in compliance with ISO 17025

ARD Laboratory is one of the well- equipped labs in the printing and packaging industry. Brand devices from all over the world gathered in this lab. the vary of tests is done in our lab, that are accredited with the ISO/IEC 17025. This standard describes the requirements for test laboratories. It is recognized internationally and used by accreditation bodies, authorities and laboratories. The standard defines the requirements for management of lab, as well as for the test laboratories. The specifications focus on technical details, such as selecting the test procedure, validation, metrological traceability and evaluations of measurement uncertainty.

As a leading manufacturer for high quality product, our top priority is to enable you to have maximum trust in our results. The accreditation of our test laboratories gives our customer, higher certainty, guaranteed of measurements.

The reference standards we use are traceable to the national standards such as DIN, ISO, ASTM and so on. Detailed test certificates are supplied with our measurements systems providing precise terms of reference for traceability.

The scope of tests in our lab is printing and packaging material, testing paper, paperboards, aluminum foils, adhesive, ink, printed product and so on.